Welcome to FileZone420‘s File Zone.

Click the link below to enter the File Zone.

To download files, right-click (on pc) and select ‘save as..’

You will need to load the .mrc files with their matching

.txt files, or download the .zip when available.

Load .mrc and .ini files by entering this code into mIRC,

any window:

/load -rs filename.mrc


/load -rs filename.ini

Make sure the .mrc file and .txt file are in the mIRC folder.

To play the ASCII .txt files in mIRC, enter :

/play filename.txt timelimit

for example

for Rizon, we recommend:

/play filename.txt 600

for DALnet:

/play filename.txt 3000

for EFnet:

/play filename.txt 150

Enjoy the scripts !

From 'qto’ loitering in #mIRCart on EFnet.

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